AT SKYWAY HILLS , our goal is to help people to see Jesus. We believe that seeing Jesus leads to loving Jesus; which leads to following Jesus; which leads to becoming like Jesus; which leads to impacting the world! Our students are surrounded by adult disciples who show them Jesus through service, mentoring, and taking an interest in their lives. Our students are challenged to imitate Jesus though reaching up, reaching in, and reaching out:

Reaching Up We believe that becoming like Jesus begins with loving God, developing a vibrant connection to Christ, and allowing the Holy Spirit to direct our lives. Our ministry attempts to help teens reach up to God through worship, bible study, prayer, and the practice of other spiritual disciplines (see John 15:1-5).

Reaching In We believe that becoming like Jesus occurs within a community of believers. The church is our spiritual family, and we reach in toward one another for encouragement, accountability, and comfort. Our ministry attempts to help teens reach in to other Christians through small groups, retreats, and other activities that teach us how to better love members of our spiritual family (see 1 Corinthians 12:12-27).

Reaching Out We believe that becoming like Jesus is incomplete unless we love people outside of the church. Jesus sends us into our schools, homes, and malls to show people that He loves them, died for them, and has given us all a life worth living. Our ministry attempts to help teens reach out to the world through mission trips, service projects, and lifestyle that are marked by serving other (see Luke 19:10).

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